Basement remodeling ideas

Basements are a funny part of the house that most of the time never gets done and ends up being a storage space for all things old, boring and dusty. If you always dread going down there and finding something, think how great it would be to actually treat the basement as a room and love spending time there! There are so many ways you could remodel the underparts of your house and enjoy them as more than just a dusty old basement. Here are some ideas fresh from Dick Whittington Design and Build.

Basement as a storage

One of the best ways to utilise your basement space and the one that most people go for is creating a storage space. It can’t be, however, a place where you throw everything you don’t need at a certain time with no organisation in mind. Think about all the mess that it creates and how unwilling you are to go there once the unruly storage gets too stuffed. Think about creative shelving system, storage units, wardrobes etc. It can make the room look smaller, but it will make everything easier and you could use the rest of the space for something useful, like an at-home gym full of mirrored walls and a soft flooring in the middle.

Our idea? Think about creating shelves from floor to ceiling with nothing more than just simple frames, shelves and sliding door. You can use them anyway you like, and hide everything behind doors, living the rest of the room to your personal use!

Basement as a kids’ playroom

Let’s say you decided to organise your basement and after you tidied it, there is a huge room left with no use. How about making it into a playroom for your kids? Creating a safe space where they could play with all the toys and bring their friends around means you don’t need to clear up the whole house once they are finished. You can even resort to keeping all their toys in the basement, where it could be quickly stored for later and not mess up the rest of the house. Think about colourful wallpapers, creative design elements, playful furniture and everything your children like the most. If you lack inspiration, search ‘playrooms for kids’ on the web or ask a professional basement remodelling company like Dick Whittington Design and Build to help you out. Basements don’t have to be boring!