Best windsurfung places and…indoor surfing!

Surfing is a difficult and dangerous sport. The idea of making it under the roof seems to be funny, but in fact it is able to bring many benefits. Already in the past year more and more people began to appreciate this form of sport.

Is it possible?

What is needed to train the indoor surfing? In this case only specially prepared equipment. These are boards with dimensions and shape similar to the original ones. Usually are placed on a flexible plinths and thus provide the opportunity to reproduce the characteristic positions and movements of real surfers.

Training gives you much more opportunities in the form of more advanced exercises. For exercise you do not need a special outfit, it is enough to have an adhering to the body tracksuit. Exercises are done barefoot to increase grip and feel secure.


What benefits gives the surfing?

Training on the board has many advantages. First of all, you get the right balance. The youngest will benefit from this sport as well. The equilibrium developed during the youth will reduce the risk of falls and fractures in the elderly. During training, the whole body gets strong because all the muscles are in use.

The stance becomes straight and the joints and spine become elastic. Surfing increases the strength of all muscles. It has a positive effect on the blood circulation.

This is a good exercise for asthmatics because the volume of lungs is enlarged. Surfing under the roof is an exercise for adults, children and teens, as well as for the elderly. Thanks to grounding it is possible to select the appropriate training for the selected age group, as well as the division for beginners and more advanced.

The indoor surfing is a great solution for those who can not do water sports for some reason, for example, they are afraid of water or can not swim. At the same time, they would like to try this kind of fitness. This is an opportunity for them to fulfill their dream. But it also opens the way for all those who want to jump on the real board in the future. Being on the surfing hall will certainly help them to work out the basic techniques, which will put the results on the water.

“Even in the summer there is not always enough weather for this sport. Not everyone can afford to travel to warm countries. Then the perfect solution for those who are missing the board is surfing under the roof. Of course, for those who have tried surfing on the waves, it is only a substitute, but it is worth trying not to fall out of the mold” – says Gutek from Surf Vista.


Best places for surfers around the world

Soma Bay, Egypt

Soma Bay is a luxury resort between Safaga and Makadi Bay. Excellent conditions, learning a windsurfing there is a pleasure. Plenty of space, shallow water, a little farther from shore a small waves, enabling learning jumps. A favorite place for windsurfers is the island Tobia, which can be reached on the board. The attractiveness of the place also determines access to the most interesting places in Egypt. These include the Luxor, the famous Valley of the Kings, Aswan Low Dam, Mons Claudianus, the valley of Wadi Hammamat, whose walls are covered with hieroglyphs from the time of the pharaohs. Soma Bay has also an extremely beautiful coral (Ras Abu Soma) and luxury golf courses.

kitesurfing soma bay

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands – Spain

The second largest of the Canary Islands. Mandatory place for every windsurfer, a real mecca for windsurfing. Excellent wind statistics and a lot of spots, so everyone will find something for himselfe – high waves, offshore winds and the possibility of practicing all styles of windsurfing. The ideal place to learn windsurfing for beginners is a lagoon at Sotavento. It’s an unique place also because of the climate – you will find there desert landscapes (which are growing even cacti), mountains, canyons and dunes, where the sand was deposited by the wind straight from the Sahara.

Fuerteventura windsurfing

Only in the villages we can see more green places. Everywhere you can meet the windmills, which have two functions – generate electricity and pumping water out of the ground. The proximity of the African desert is felt in the statistics of rainfall. Fuerteventura abounds in many tourist attractions – a charming town with its colonial architecture, extremely beautiful mountains, rock formations and gorges. Numerous schools offer professional windsurfing courses at all levels, but Fuerteventura is above all a great place for advanced windsurfers who fully appreciate the excellent wind conditions of the place.