Decorative moss on the wall

When arranging our dream interiors, we more and more often and more willingly reach for extremely extravagant solutions – one of them is a moss wall. I am talking about the reindeer moss. What is this plant? How to prepare it to be suitable for decorative use in apartments? What do we like decorative moss for?

Reindeer moss – what is worth knowing about it?

The name probably comes from the fact that in the wild, this moss is the food of reindeer. An interesting feature of the moss is that it grows even when it is not in contact with the ground. In Poland, reindeer moss is protected, therefore it is imported from other countries. In nature, we find not only green moss but also white, yellow, beige or grey. In addition, in stores, you can come across moss dyed in a variety of colours.

Is reindeer moss suitable for home decoration?

It may seem a bit strange at first – moss can dry out, flake off and quickly lose its original appearance if not properly cared for. Well no. This is why reindeer moss is a good material for decoration because it requires practically no maintenance. First of all, it does not require watering – the plant takes in exactly as much air as it needs from the air. In addition, the moss is impregnated, thanks to which it retains its appearance for up to several years.

How to impregnate the moss?

Preparation of moss is carried out with the use of glycerin. You can carry out this process yourself, but due to the importance of the right proportions, lack of practice may result in failure, so the best solution is to buy ready-to-decorate moss.

Harvested and sorted, moss is dipped in a glycerin solution combined with natural preservatives. Moss is also dyed here – most often it is juicy green, but other colors are also often popular with customers.

The impregnation process inhibits moss growth and translates into no need for watering. In addition, it is thanks to maintenance that moss can decorate your apartment for up to several years.

Why is it worth decorating your home with reindeer moss?

We already know that the moss does not require care. However, this is not the only reason to decorate your apartment with it. Here are some other quite convincing arguments:

  • Reindeer moss is hypoallergenic. Thanks to this, it can be successfully used in a home inhabited by allergy sufferers and small children.
  • This plant is an excellent measure of the level of moisture in the air. When it’s too dry, it starts to dry out.
  • Moss will perfectly clean the air of dust, as well as of toxins.
  • The only main requirement is to keep the moss away from highly sunny places and heat sources.
  • With the help of a reindeer mackerel, you can create eye-catching decorations, models and many other things.
  • Moss decorations do not pose a threat to pets.
  • Moss is an excellent soundproofing material. It absorbs sounds very well, so it will be an obvious choice for people who value silence and ecological solutions.

Reindeer scratching as a wall decoration is a great idea if you are not afraid of bold, extraordinary solutions. If you don’t know where to get it yet, visit It is here that you can order moss obtained legally and delivered to you from Scandinavian countries, such as Norway.