Hero of your spine – ergonomic chairs

An ergonomic chair is the true hero of the office space. Often overlooked, chosen at random or used without much thought, your office chair is the one thing that has full contact with your body the entire time you’re working. According to ergonomics – the art of adjusting objects to adapt to your psychophysical needs and requirements, an office chair should be chosen with your health and comfort in mind. The perfect chair does exist, but you have to look carefully. With the entire ergonomic office chair line from Unique, you’ll definitely find your Hero.

Modern, minimal, comfortable – the Hero office chair

While some ergonomic office chairs might look very futuristic and complicated, the Hero model is the perfect embodiment of simple, yet functional. Even looking at it for the first time, it gives off the feeling of comfort and support you need when working at the office. The perfectly profiled seat paired with a two-piece backrest provides an acceptable level of back, lumbar and neck support. Additionally, the manufacturer made sure to include fully adjustable armrests to allow for full optimization of the chair to your specific needs. 

The Hero chair definitely stays on the minimalistic side of design. Compared to other ergonomic chairs, it seems relatively smaller and more compact, although it’s not too small to fit a wide variety of body sizes. It’s perfect for taller, as well as short people – the height of the chair is supported with the Synchron self-weighing mechanism to allow for quick adjustments on the go. Remember that when adjusting your chair height, you should always rely on your own height – your feet should rest flat on the ground, with knees bent at 90 degrees. If the chair has to be set higher because of the desk height, you should use a footrest to support your body and legs properly. 

Breathable and durable fabric

The Hero ergonomic office chair is made to last for ages. Unique decided to make it as breathable and comfortable as possible, designing the backrest and seat with high-quality breathable fabric or mesh. As such, the chair is not affected by the weather conditions and stays hygienic for longer, not making it difficult to clean up the chair either. As for the rest of the chair, the base is made with durable aluminum and the armrests with hard black plastic that doesn’t stick to your arms and doesn’t hurt the elbows when you lean on them. 

Why Hero? How to choose the perfect ergonomic chair

The Unique Hero ergonomic chair is one of the best examples of how ergonomics can be worked into a simple and minimalistic design. Not everyone likes the futuristic-looking chairs, but they do provide the best support for the body. With the Hero model, the brand was able to focus on the ergonomics without going all out on the design. As a result, the users got the perfect, classic office chairs that offer a lot more than most competitors on the market

When choosing your perfect office chair, always check its ability to be adjusted and fit for your specific needs. It’s especially important to be able to move the backrest up and down, forward and backward, to be able to lean on the chair without issue and to get proper lumbar support that’s necessary to keep the spine’s natural curve for an entire day. What’s unique for the Hero chair, it also allows for 3D adjustment of the armrests, letting them change positions up and down, front and rear and sideways. You’ll never have to have your arms hanging loosely, supported only by the wrists resting on the keyboard.