How to choose lighting for your room?

Choosing the perfect lighting can make or break the room. Depending on your personal preferences, budget and style you want your home to be, there’s always a wide range of light sources you could go for. But what if you really don’t know how to get around choosing the perfect lamp? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the perfect lighting for each and every room of your house.


Kitchen is where most of us spend quite a lot of time. If you’re renting the house you live in, you may find that the kitchen is not exactly how you would like it. Dark, dull, lightless kitchens are quite common in older buildings. Lack of light may make the food look unappealing and kill the general vibe of the room. Luckily, with a small change of lighting you can transform the room from dark and boring to bright and lively. White LED lights make a perfect choice for the kitchen as they make everything look fresh, clean and modern. In addition to a big, ceiling-mounted lamp, remember about task-lighting! Put it alongside the hanging cupboards to make the working spaces nice and bright. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.

Living room and bedrooms

Aren’t they the cosiest places in the house? Blankets and cushions make the perfect snuggly vibe, but what about the lighting? Go for the warm, yellow bulbs. Switch from a big, ceiling-mounted light to some smaller standing lamps and fairy lights. If modern is the style you’re going for, you can find some stylish lamp shades to go with the theme. It’s all about the colour temperature here. And don’t forget about fire! Candles and fireplaces make the perfect living room ambience and make you feel like you can finally relax with a hot cup of cocoa.

Perfect lighting for bedroom


Bathrooms are the hardest ones to design when it comes to lighting. You need it to be both bright and dim, sharp and calming, depending on the purpose you go there for. You should think about getting white light sources that will serve your needs in the morning, i.e. over the sink and mirrors, and some dimmer bulbs which will fit best for the evening baths. It’s like mixing the kitchen and the living room together. Don’t forget – the more task-oriented the lighting is, the better it makes the room look and feel.