How to increase traffic by using social media?

There’s no doubt that social media became one of the best marketing tools of 21th century. They’re cheap, effective and allow to reach a big audience in an impressively short time. To keep it simple: if you want to exist on the online market, using them is just a must. However, there are plenty of ideas, ways and techniques for implementing social media campaigns and promotions. How to recognize which one will be the best for your business? Let’s take a glimpse over few of the solutions and let’s choose the most suitable options.

Be updated!

Being regular is one of the most important things when it comes to using social media. Always remember to inform your followers about news appearing on your website – it’s a perfect way to increase the traffic! However, the frequency of posting should be adjusted to the type of social media channel and to the specificity of your branch. For sure it will be different for Facebook and Twitter, different for news portal and, for instance, lawyer’s office. The perfect way of showing off your interest in the newest trends is using real time marketing – it’s one of the most interesting ways of exploring social media and a great chance to prove your creativity.


Share, but don’t spam

Creating a good content is not enough yet – to reach your customers you need to share it. Don’t do it by spamming, as for sure it will annoy your followers – focus rather on using your creativity and spread your posts around social media cleverly. How? One of the best way is just starting some interesting discussions involving many users, or trying to create viral content.

As says: Putting links to your posts everywhere is not the best solution – it won’t build a positive image of you and your brand. Don’t cross your borders and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t accept as a user – this is the most important tip when it comes to avoiding spreading spam in social media.

Linking – don’t forget it!

If your actions in social media are expected to increase the traffic on your proper website, don’t forget to use links leading to it. Share old blogposts with updated, relevant comments – by this you will gain some additional clicks. The more valuable is your content, the easier it gets to promote it! Take care of it and don’t forget to monitor your results to pick solutions that work best. Creating a successful social media strategy is not easy, but for sure worth of effort, as it can bring you a huge promo success.