Information Security Management – everything you need to know

Ensuring security of all information handled by a company is one crucial element that can make or break success. Being aware of the scale of information used by your company every day and knowing where it goes and how it is handled is necessary to ensure a well-maintained business. Companies from all over the world, regardless their size and industry, use some sort of ISMS in their general company management system – it’s inevitable. However, without realizing what information actually is and that it does need protection, one false move could break the company down like a house of cards. What is Information Security Management Systems, why should they be compliant with international standards and how to get started on creating a security plan fit for your company?

Complying with the standards of ISO27001

ISO 27001 is one of the biggest, most recognized certification norms anywhere in the world. Dealing with the information security side of the business, it teaches companies how to create a good, well-structured, functional ISMS that will benefit their company. ISMS is not only about managing the information and getting a certification to show off to clients – a proper ISMS built around ISO 27001 standards is a way of acknowledging the risks, maintaining integration of the company, managing information and moving forward with the business without having to look out for trouble at every corner. Implementing an ISMS is not a project with a fixed length. Companies that decide to follow international standards must be ready to develop and constantly improve their ISMS to meet the rapidly changing technology landscape and be prepared for new threats that may not have been in sight when the ISMS was first developed.

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Information security management – system, plan, and policy

While there are many technical aspects of creating an Information Security Management System, a large portion of information protection is concentrated around the management side of the business. One of the weakest links in the information security change is an employee – the person, who is usually underestimated by the employers, but actually has access to all information every day and has to work with it every day. A well-constructed security plan must allow room for security policies and processes that protect the company form data misuse by employees. This is not to say that the employers shouldn’t trust their employees – they should, however, take into consideration that anyone can be a threat to information concerning the company. One bad decision and it could destroy the integration of the company.