Innovation in the business development

What would the world be without IT innovations? For years now technology has been a crucial part in everyday lives of people all around the world and it has a lot to do with the fact that the IT sector is one of the most innovative fields right now. With new apps and ideas coming out every day it’s hard to keep up with all of it, but once upon a time services such as Amazon, or Twitter, or even things like smartphones were a novelty that no one believed in until those now powerful people took the matters into their hands. Trying to list all of IT innovators throughout history would be difficult, so today we focus on those whose innovations are prominent even after so many years.

Jeff Bezos – CEO at Amazon

In 1999, Jeff Bezos was named Person of the Year by one of the most known magazines in the US – the Time. Amazon was not a huge deal then, serving more as an online shop than anything else. It was only a few years after though, in 2006, when Jeff launched the Amazon Web Services and follow-ons such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Since then, companies and individuals can lease varying amounts of computing power, data storage, and software, and access it over the internet. It was Bezos who showed the world that cloud computing could be a real business – powerhouses like Google and Microsoft are the ones who followed.

Bezos is also the one that turned into a device-making company, whose main product – Kindle, has changed the world of reading books. Yes, it was there where the era of e-books actually started.

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Steve Jobs – CEO at Apple

There is not a person on Earth that hasn’t heard about Steve Jobs at least once. As one could say, Steve Jobs was as important to the IT industry as the Beatle’s were to popular music in the 60s. With his innovative product, iPod, Steve changed the music business, and the following were the iPhone and App Store, that continue to shake up the mobile-phone industry to this day. Before iPhone, the cell-phone business was all about the size and form of the device. With his innovative mind, Steve Jobs shifted the attention to software put in those cell phones and what the devices can actually do. It’s enough to say that without Apple, modern smartphone era could look completely different.