Polish television in the UK

According to demographic data, there are currently more than 100 000 Poles living in the UK, with around 911 000 originally born in Poland. It is one of the main ethnics group in the whole territory of the United Kingdom. Many of Polish people have a sentiment towards their language. One of the ways to remain a bit of tradition is to read books and watch movies in the native versions. There are currently many ways to do so – it is possible to buy books on Amazon, and watch tv shows and films on Netflix. It is still possible though to lean towards a more traditional solution – standard satelliteĀ TV. If you live in the Northampton area (Milton Keynes, Wellingborough or Corby) you might want to look up theĀ http://com-sat.co.uk/eng – they provide NC+ and more Polish, original television. In the times of unlimited Internet access, the possibilities are humongous!


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