Baby shower – gift ideas for future parents

A baby on the way is a reason for happiness not only for the future parents, but also for their family and friends. A baby shower is a perfect time for expressing joy at the pregnancy and the future arrival of a new member of the community.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party thrown to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new baby. It allows the friends and family of the future parents to “shower” them with love, good wishes, and presents. Baby shower has, in fact, a very pragmatic undertone, as it helps collect everything the baby may need after arriving into this world.

When is a baby shower usually held?

There is no strict rule that dictates when a baby shower should be held. Typically, however, the party is thrown 6–4 weeks before the baby is born. During that time the baby’s gender has usually already been revealed, which allows the guests to take it into account when choosing presents.

The origins of a baby shower

Modern-day baby showers are a relatively new invention. It is presumed the custom has been known for less than a hundred years. At the beginning, in the ‘30s, baby showers were known as “stork showers”. They were thrown in the early afternoon, and only intimate female friends of the mother were invited.

Activities during a baby shower

Traditionally, baby shower is planned not by the future mother, but by her friends and family members. It can be playful and fun, elegant, or more relaxed. Often a baby shower follows a specific theme, it is however not the rule. In the end it all depends on what the future mom wants and feels like doing. Most of the time during a baby shower guests play occasion-specific games, such as diaper change race, baby due date guessing games, “How big is mom’s belly?” or “Guess the baby food”.

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What gifts to give future parents?

Baby shower gifts for future parents are usually items the newborn baby will need once it arrives.

Rocking chair

A rocking chair is a very useful baby accessory that will be surely appreciated by the new parents. It is best to choose a model that is easy to clean.


Baby books with bedtime stories or educational games are a great present for new parents. They are thoughtful and can be cherished for a long time.

Baby-proofing necessities

Baby-proofing necessities, such as safety latches for cabinets and outlet covers are a considerate present for new parents. Once the baby begins to move around, they will surely come in handy and save mom and dad a lot of worries.


It is no secret babies need diapers. Lots of them. Which is precisely why stocking new parents’ supply closet with diapers will surely be immensely appreciated. To make the gift more classy, it is a good idea to also add a nice diaper bag.

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What to take into account while choosing and packing a gift for future parents?

The first thing to take into account while choosing a gift for future parents is their needs. The whole point of giving a baby shower present is to make the parents-to-be and their baby comfortable by providing them with something useful. Oftentimes there is a gift registry the guests may look into before purchasing a gift, which can help in case of the lack of ideas. After choosing a present for a baby shower, it is also important to pick a nice packaging that suits the occasion. Custom rigid box is a perfect choice for the task. It is durable, yet very aesthetically pleasing. It also comes in various shapes and sizes, and can be decorated to better fit individual needs and purposes.