The Advantages of Using Used Tesla Parts for Repairs

Choosing high quality parts for repairs is crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of the operations of the vehicle. Aside from new components, Tesla owners can also decide to install used parts in their car. This solution has many advantages and is becoming ever more popular among EV enthusiasts. 

Benefits of sourcing second-hand parts 

Sourcing second-hand Tesla parts offers many benefits not only to the vehicle’s owner, but also to society. First and foremost, it is less expensive than buying new components. With used parts the vehicle owner is able to save more than half compared to the new price. Nowadays buying used components is also easy, as more internet shops with car parts sell used Tesla pieces. By choosing used parts the vehicle owners can reduce the amount of energy needed for manufacturing and transportation of the new components. It results in the reduction of the environmental footprint and preservation of natural resources. Reusing second-hand Tesla parts can also help decrease the amount of auto parts disposed of in the landfill, especially the e-waste that does not decompose, is considered hazardous, and has a negative impact on the natural environment. 

tail lights of Tesla car model Y

How to ensure the good performance, safety, and longevity of a Tesla vehicle? 

In order to ensure the good performance, safety, and longevity of a Tesla vehicle, it is necessary to choose high quality parts for repairs, but also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and implement regular maintenance practices. Additionally, it is important to always address issues and warning signs in order to extend the lifespan of parts, as well as a vehicle as a whole. 

Regular maintenance practices 

Regular maintenance practices recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the longevity of a Tesla car and its parts consist of daily and monthly checks. Daily checks call for controlling: 

  • the battery’s charge level, 
  • the condition and pressure of each tire, 
  • the operation of the brakes, 
  • the operation of the seat belts,
  • the state of all exterior lights, horn, turn signals, wipers, and washers. 

The monthly checks of a Tesla car, on the other hand, consist of controlling the windshield washer fluid level and making sure that the air conditioning system is operating correctly. To ensure the longevity and good performance of the vehicle and its parts, it is also necessary to regularly update the software by installing required upgrades.

Addressing common issues and warning signs in order to extend the lifespan of parts 

Addressing common issues and warning signs is important for extending the lifespan of Tesla’s engine, as well as other parts of the vehicle. The owner of the car needs to check the touchscreen for any unexpected indicator lights or vehicle alerts and act accordingly. One of the most common problems that the Tesla users need to face are decreasing range of the battery, faulty software, and problems with door handles. 

  • Decreasing range of the battery 

Decreasing range of the battery is a common issue among Tesla cars. Moreover, the batter cells can experience problems in cold temperatures. Due to this issue, in some parts of the world a Tesla car will inevitably have less range. 

  • Faulty software 

Faulty software in a Tesla car can create many issues. One of the most common is forcing a valve within a heat pump to stay open, which results in a lack of heat in the vehicle and can cause problems for drivers, especially during cold weather. 

  • Problems with door handles 

Many Tesla owners indicate problems with door handles that often fail to open when pulled and remain locked for a long period of time. In order to avoid being locked out of the vehicle, it is necessary to quickly react in case of malfunction and change the faulty part. 

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