Brushless Servo Motor Drives – where are they being used?

What are brushless servo motor drives?

Servo drives are highly versatile devices used in motion control. They take a command signal from position, velocity or current and, based on a closed loop feedback, adjust the voltage and current applied to a servo motor. Servo drive is a part of a larger servo system which consists of a motor, a controller, and a feedback element.

There are different types of servo drives available on the market, among them so called brushless servo motors, which, as the name suggests, don’s use brushes, but rather permanent magnets attached to the rotor. They provide high acceleration, high torque, and no maintenance, making them highly efficient.

Application of brushless servo motor drives

Brushless servo motor drives are mostly used in devices which require high precision and high dynamics of movement. The typical applications of this type of servo drives include high speed machines, cutting and forming machines, and printing presses.

  • High-speed machines

Brushless servo motor drives are often implemented in high-speed machines that are widely used in aerospace production, die and mold manufacturing, automotive industries, micromachining, precision components, optic industries, as well as vast variety of household appliances.

  • Cutting and forming machines

Cutting machines, such as flying saws and spinning knives, often use brushless servo motor drives to ensure the precision of motion control. This type of drive is commonly applied in metal cutting machines, as well as forming machines – lathes, and machines for milling, grinding, punching, and pressing.

  • Printing

A brushless servo motor controls the stop and the start of the print heads together with the movement of the paper, which ensures accurate printing.

Moreover, brushless servo motor drives are used in textile machines, devices for lifting and stacking loads, and in material transport.

Recommended servo drives

Specialists recommends the best high quality and user-friendly servo drives available on the market.

simDrive AC Servo Drive

SimDrive AC Servo Drive for CNC is a drive with relatively narrow range of application, which ensures a simplified configuration process. It allows the operator to avoid the need to break through various parameters which won’t be useful for them later. All of the configurations parameters for this device were divided into functional groups, making the configuration clear and really fast. Potential problems a user can encounter while configuring the parameters needed when using brushless motors should be easy to resolve with the help of simDrive manual included in the package.

There are two models of SimDrive AC Servo Drive available: M4-H040K – 400W 325V and M4-H075K – 750W 325V.

simDrive™AC Servo Driver 400W 325V

simDrive™AC Servo Driver 400W 325V

simDrive AC Servo System Driver and Motor

SimDrive AC Servo System Driver and Motor is characterized by compact architecture and high power density. Among its advantages the following can be named:

  • rapid response,
  • middle rotor interia,
  • various frame installation sizes,
  • overheating protection,
  • strong anti-demagnetization capability,
  • super high coercivity rare earth permanent magnet,
  • full-closed design.

SimDrive Servo System provides w convenient software installer – csServoManager – which allows the installation process to run automatically. This feature ensures the user does not need to struggle through all the parameters and settings to run the drive. CsServoManager contains configuration profile template with ready to load settings – all electric parameters of a motor, an encoder, and hall sensors. Using these ready settings allows the user to save a lot of time and avoid any uncertainties. SimDrive AC Servo System Driver and Motor are equipped with power and encoder cables ended with industrial sockets from the motor’s side. They are available in various models: 400W and 750W, as well as 400W and 750W 3 axis with or without motor.